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Balloon Sinuplasty Specialist Queens

4 Fast Facts About the Balloon Sinuplasty

Sinusitis is by far one of the most common issues affecting both adults and children across the US. Research indicates that over 27 million US adults are suffering from some form of chronic sinusitis, with 1 in every 9 cases being labeled as ‘severe’. Most often triggered by allergies or even the common cold, sinusitis is characterized by symptoms including:

· Headaches
· Nasal Congestion & Pressure
· Fever
· Fatigue
· Chronic & Acute Pain – Sinus pain, affecting the face, nose, forehead and more.

Depending on the severity of your case, there are a number of other possible symptoms as well. In order to treat sinusitis, it is important to be diagnosed by a qualified allergy doctor Queens has quite a few to offer, but few have the experience as well as the dedication to patient care of Dr. Dwayne Rollins. Considered by many patients to be the top allergy doctor Queens has to offer, Dr. Rollins is vastly in favor of a procedure known as the balloon sinuplasty. While traditional sinus surgeries used in years past, albeit effectively, have been far more invasive – whereas the balloon sinuplasty can open up blockages in your sinuses just as effectively, without creating any actual incisions or other invasive measures. As the foremost balloon sinuplasty specialist Queens has in practice, and a longtime proponent of the procedure. Dr. Rollins has performed countless balloon sinuplasty procedures over the years. But one of the most interesting things he has noticed during this time, is that despite how common it might be, and no matter how much research his patients do on prospective treatment options, the balloon sinuplasty remains a bit of a mystery to most. One reason for this may be that many of the allergy doctor Queens has in practice, choose not to perform this procedure, and opt for other treatment options instead. This essentially forces patients to have to find a balloon sinuplasty specialist, like Dr. Rollins. To better educate the public and those patients suffering from sinusitis who might be considering this procedure, here are a few fast facts about the balloon sinuplasty.

The Balloon Sinuplasty isn’t a New Procedure

Despite the fact that the procedure has only recently gained popularity within the mainstream medicine, it has been around for over a decade! The balloon sinuplasty procedure became FDA-approved in 2005, and since then it has been revamped and perfected a number of times. As the top balloon sinuplasty specialist Queens has to offer, Dr. Rollins has been a major part of pushing the procedure and helping to advance its place within the public consciousness.

The Procedure Might Not Be for Everyone

While sinusitis and chronic sinus issues are quite common throughout NYC, for any allergy doctor Queens patients often vary in both the severity and the reason for their sinus issues. Some individuals might suffer sinus issues that are caused by other conditions like sleep apnea, or some type of fungal or bacterial infections. While others might only be suffering from blockages due to physical deformities like a deviated septum. For such patients with such varied symptoms and causes, balloon sinuplasty may not be the best treatment option.

Long-Lasting, Proven Results

As the top balloon sinuplasty specialist Queens has to offer, Dr. Rollins is frequently met with detractors who claim that because the balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive it can’t possibly be as effective as more traditional options. However, this is far from the truth, as the procedure has proved to be quite effective for the treatment of chronic sinusitis, with results that can last for years at a time. A well-known allergy doctor Queens has in practice, argues that because traditional surgery is almost permanent, it is the better option. However, Dr. Rollins believes that in many cases traditional surgeries must be redone, and in addition, the many side effects associated with this surgery (such as prominent scarring) make it a far less desirable option.

Fast, Easy Recovery

One of the biggest complaints following sinus surgery, is the constant pain during the recovery process. And with traditional surgery, this painful period can last for weeks or even months at a time. However, when Dr. Rollins performs the balloon sinuplasty procedure, he can cut the recovery period to a matter of days, this is why he is considered the top allergy doctor Queens has to offer by his patients. The hardest part of the recovery process is that patients cannot blow or rub their nose for a day or two, as most sinus patients are used to doing this constantly throughout the day.

As the topallergy doctor Queens balloon sinuplasty specialist, Dwayne Rollins has been a driving force in the advancement of the procedure. In his time performing the procedure, he has made a drastic change in the lives of many longtime sinus sufferers, and he can do the same for you! For more information on the balloon sinuplasty or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Rollins and his staff today!

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