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Dr. Rollins is an excellent doctor. He took the time to discuss my allergies/sinus issues, in addition to even showing me a diagram of what was going on with my sinuses. Most doctors don't take the time to explain in detail, but he was really thorough. My sinus related issues are finally subsiding thanks to Dr. Rollins. An intelligent and compassionate doctor who does his work with skill and grace. His office reflects him, well-run and reasonable. I Would highly recommend him! Thank you, Dr. Rollins.... Dr. Rollins is incredibly knowledgeable and answers all questions asked of him in a way that is understandable to patients. I couldn't be more pleased. His staff is pleasant and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Rollins.... I had the pleasure to visit Dr. Rollins today for the first time regarding an ongoing congestion issue. He was very thorough, informative, very pleasant and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Rollins to anyone who needs to see an ENT....
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Balloon Sinuplasty Specialist – Dr. Dwayne Rollins

What is a Balloon Sinuplasty?
BSP, or Balloon Sinuplasty, is a safe and effective sinus procedure for those patients who may be suffering from moderate to severe sinusitis and need relief from sinus issues as well as sinus pain.

Balloon Sinuplasty – Non-Invasive with Less Downtime!
Dr. Rollins, Balloon Sinuplasty Specialist and Certified ENT, prefers to perform balloon sinuplasty in place of conventional surgery as it is far less invasive and does not require patients the same level of downtime, or the same level of side effects.

When performing a balloon sinuplasty there is no cutting of the nasal bone or any of the nasal tissues. Patients suffering from chronic sinusitis symptoms often prefer to be treated using balloon sinuplasty as a result.

Results and Recovery Time
While recovery time varies with each patient, recovery is typically fast. Patients usually resume normal activities within a day or two.

After the procedure patients will generally feel none of the previous symptoms of sinusitis, they did before. They will be breathing clearly and have a far better quality of life. As a Balloon Sinuplasty specialist Dr. Rollins takes pride in the ability to help patients improve their quality of life, with a 30-minute procedure!

How is a Balloon Sinuplasty Performed?
Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP) uses a small, flexible, balloon catheter to open up blocked sinus passageways and facilitate drainage of the mucus that builds up in patients suffering from chronic sinusitis symptoms.

Is a Balloon Sinuplasty Right for You?
If you are a chronic sufferer of sinusitis, and suffer from common issues like sinus pressure, or pain, then you may be the perfect candidate for a balloon sinuplasty. As a balloon sinuplasty specialist and ENT, Dr. Rollins recommends this procedure to the majority of his patients with sinus issues. IF you’re suffering from:

  • Facial Sinus Pain
  • Pressure In the Face
  • Sinus Headaches
  • Yellow or Green Discharge from the Nose
  • Congestion
  • Decreased Sense of Smell

Be sure to contact Balloon Sinuplasty Specialist and ENT, Dr. Dwayne Rollins today to schedule your consultation!

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