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Allergy Doctor Queens

3 Common Questions about Allergy Testing

When it comes to our overall health and wellness, it’s true that many of us are very guilty of ignoring certain facets of our overall healthcare. Sure, while many of us might get our yearly checkup, most likely every 2 or 3 years, if we’re being honest, there are so many other specialists we should be seeing. For instance, if you are a woman, trips to the gynecologist, and for men, trips to the urologist, are definitely commonly ignored. In addition, no matter what your gender might be, far too many patients ignore things like the dentist, dermatologist, cardiologists, and in many cases the ENT. Sure, while the ENT might not be as vital as the dentist, in the event you are experiencing certain issues, for instance sinus problems, breathing issues, and in many instances, you might feel as though you are suffering from certain allergies. According to Dr. Rollins, the best Allergy Doctor Queens has to offer, while you might have gotten an allergy test done in your early teens or adolescent years, it’s important that you have another one as an adult, as all too often, we might lose certain allergic reactions and gain others. And some of these allergies can be quite deadly to some, depending upon your age, health and wellness, and your overall severity of the allergies. When it comes to allergy testing Queens experts definitely recommend that you should go and visit an ENT once every few years in order to have up to date testing performed. According to Dr. Rollins, the best allergy doctor Queens has to offer, far too many individuals are uneducated as to what allergy testing actually is and how it works. To better educate our clients, here are some important things to know.

· How Do I Know if I Should Get Tested for Allergies?

When it comes to allergy testing Queens experts will recommend you get testing done, in the event that you exhibit signs of having allergy issues, symptoms such as runny nose, itchy, red eyes, sneezing, turning red, and much more. You and your doctor may decide that allergy testing could be beneficial to you in order to narrow down what is causing you the most trouble. A thorough physical examination and detailed health history may lead you to see an ENT. However, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology recommends immunotherapy as a great allergy treatment option if you have recurring allergies. An ENT can also help you reach a diagnosis and also to put you on a proper and personalized allergy treatment and management plan – of course this can only be done once they are aware of the type of allergies you actually have and if you actually have allergies or nor.

· What Does an Allergy Test Show?

Doctors, especially someone like Dr. Rollins, the best allergy doctor Queens has to offer, an allergy specialist, may be able to tell if your exposure to certain things such as cat hair or pollen causes you to have allergic reactions. The information you provide to your ENT is very relevant in determining what allergies you may have. Allergy tests can often confirm these findings and expand upon them. And when it comes to allergy testing Queens specialists have a number of different allergy testing options to choose from, such as a skin or blood test for instance. According to the American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, skin tests are preferable in most situations because the results are immediately available. They are less expensive than blood tests, and they are sensitive to very subtle allergies.

· How reliable are Allergy Tests?

Allergy skin testing is considered the best test currently available to aid in the diagnosis of environmental allergies. However, you should know that allergy skin testing is not always perfect. The test may show that you have a positive reaction to a particular allergen in the test but you may not have a reaction to the same substance outside of the lab. Moreover, these tests sometimes do not detect every substance you may be allergic to. But the tests are the best tools we have in providing important clues as to what substances are likely causing your specific symptoms.

For more information on all there is to know about allergy testing and more. be sure to contact Dr. Rollins today.

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